Boxing as an Excuse (BaaE), show business as the “main character”

Boxing as an Excuse (BaaE), show business as the “main character” 2540 1404 Cèlia Forment

Clout. Just a quick google search will reveal the Urban Dictionary entry that defines the internet currency per excellence: “being famous and having influence”. The hype for the Sunday boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul did not happen because there was an important title at stake, but because it was an extraordinary event between a fighter and a YouTuber. The fight didn’t have a formal score because it was a show.

As Ryan Broderick, author of Garbage Day, puts it on his newest newsletter issue: “The retired Mayweather gets a bunch of young eyeballs on him, a bunch of money, and an opportunity to add to his legendary status as the fighter a YouTuber has to fight to be taken seriously. And Paul gets to say he did eight rounds with Mayweather and didn’t get knocked out/die.”

Side note: Paul also got to rock this Pokémon card, a Charizard he then bought for $150,000 now worth $250,000. Floyd Mayweather Jr. joined OnlyFans as he walked into the ring.

No matter how flashy that Charizard card was, Mayweather wasn’t dazzled: “I’m the best at legalized bank robbery”, he stated. And he might be. The former US national champ was guaranteed $10 million in base salary and 50 percent pay-per-view shares of the show, priced at $49.99 and distributed by Showtime.

Floyd Mayweather was back in the boxing ring for the first time in four years, and although the former five-division champion didn’t exactly put on the most entertaining of performances, he did enough to beat Logan Paul in an eight-round exhibition Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

“I had fun,” Mayweather said in the ring after the fight. “I’m not 21 anymore.” At 44, Mayweather is 18 years older than Paul (who’s 26). He also was 35 pounds lighter, weighing 155 pounds, the heaviest of his boxing career. Yet, his keen sense of boxing shone especially during the later stages, when he allowed Paul to move forward before landing jabs that got through cleanly and with authority.

By Friday, a documentary previewing the fight had already accrued more than 4.5 million views on YouTube in six days, and a shoving match between Mayweather and Jake Paul at a news conference last month rippled through social media before landing on sports highlight shows, reports The New York Times.

This model extends into Spain

Ibai Llanos has again conquered Twitch Spain with “La velada del año”, a record-breaking streaming. We wonder whether the Ibai phenomenon has any limitations because everything it touches is a success.

The Streamer hosted a live boxing tournament trough Twitch, which reached one golden minute of more than 1.5 million viewers. That Ibai is one of the state’s heavyweights on Twitch and one of the rising public figures is something everyone already knows. And that tournament was meant to reaffirm it.

As well as Ibai, other streamers with thousands of fans took part. All of this was organized a few months in advance and ‘La Velada del Año’ brought together six well-known internet personalities to face off in three boxing bouts. They took it very seriously and Reven, Elmillor, Mister Jagger, Viruzz, Torete, and Future confronted each other, and the series reached its goal. In addition, the commentators were also well-known characters in the world of gamers.

Ibai recorded 1,544,829 viewers per golden minute on his Twitch channel and 1,080,107 viewers on average during the more than four hours that the event lasted.

And even if those are big numbers, the maximum Twitch viewership figure is still held by TheGrefg, another streamer who reached 2.4 million viewers during the reveal of his Fortnite skin a few months ago. T’has for sure a lot of eyeballs.

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