The key to micro-entertainment’s success

The key to micro-entertainment’s success 1638 910 cREM

Since 2019, it has been confirmed that the term Prosumer created by Alvin Toffler in the 1980s has become obsolete and has become «crossumer». And it describes the one that goes through both sides of a communication campaign. It is not only a viewer but also a communicator when creating content. The consumer is now also a protagonist able to be a «crossumer», primarily the most important feature of entertainment and this is evident in the success of TikTok. It turns regular users into viral sensations or influencers in a short time.

Most of the famous Tiktokers were unknown and suddenly had a large amount of followers. For example Charli D’Amelio Loren Gray, Ariel Martín, Addison Rae or Riyaz Ali with over 40 million each.

More keys to the TikTok success story

There are other factors that relate to the relevance that the platform has acquired to be so widely utilized.

  • Free access to use the app. It is not necessary to register, simply download and enter allows you to view. If you wish to sign up, the process is easy and can be done with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Simple and addictive design. Just swipe through the main screen to see it all. In addition to having comment or sharing options between networks, it can be downloaded to the mobile phone and shown to those who have no social profiles.
  • Different algorithm. TikTok algorithm enables users to connect and discover new content, an element that is totally different from other social networks. It uses artificial intelligence to learn users’ tastes and gives everyone the best in his tab “For you”. There is content on nearly every topic.
  • Easy creation. To create content you just need the Smartphone, free time and already in the same network there are plenty of inspiration and guides.
  • Viral ease. The algorithm also favours anybody to make their video viral. As information for success, the use of hashtags #fyp (for your page) #Foryou and #Viral stand out and in “Trends” it displays updates.
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