TikTok for business: why it’s important to include it in your advertising strategy

TikTok for business: why it’s important to include it in your advertising strategy 1574 872 cREM

Social networks continue to be one of the best allies in promoting, popularising and positioning any company on the Internet. The way we consume is changing and the business strategies behind it need to change at the same time.

Advertising without added value is no longer rewarded; instead, it is challenged and creates distrust. Now, the ability to be natural at any time is valued, until the proposed goals are met. Therefore, in advertising, the manner of appearing to the world must be organic. And for brands, the opportunity, or key to success in this context is referred to as TikTok.

The most popular videos on TikTok are those that are playful in nature, which quickly become viral, reaching more people in less time. This is one of the main attractions of this social network for brands: the quick distribution of their messages and the reach of published videos.

Another reason to rely on TikTok commercially is that it allows us to reach the customer directly without intermediaries. This is great for B2C (Business-to- Consumer) brands, as it involves working with influencers, as well as being advertised in a manner that is well accepted by the audience.

Why creativity matters.

If we release all the creativity from the team that creates the advertising campaigns, you can get original and funny videos on Tiktok and therefore make our brand popular. One way to achieve this would be to create “fun” clips featuring our products. However, it would also be useful to create challenges, by encouraging our target audience to share the video with the brand’s hashtag.

The best strategies to reach your audience


It consists of promoting the brand from videos in preferred formats through the platform, with the purpose of attracting 100% the attention of users when they log on to the network. It tells the story of the brand as if it were a TikTok designer because it incorporates the video into the thread «For You».

Hashtags Challenge

This mode enables us to give visibility quickly, because it announces challenges that become viral through the hashtags so used. It promotes user-generated content by asking them to take part in a challenge, something that is immensely popular on Tik Tok and other social networks.

Branded Lenses

It consists of creating videos based on augmented reality filters, to increase the company’s visibility and commitment. It is very similar to the filters that we find in Instagram stories, so it provides a great level of user participation and could end up being a very popular option for us to promote our message as a brand.

Gamified Branded Effect

A filter of more than 20 formats designed to invite users to use their facial expressions, gestures and poses while interacting with the brand or its products.

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