Twitch, TikTok and podcast: the main news channels

Twitch, TikTok and podcast: the main news channels 2560 1707 Cèlia Forment

Why have Twitch, TikTok and podcast become information channels? Podcast consumption has increased by 25% since March 2020, when the confinement began, according to a study by Voxnest, and it is already the format chosen by one in four people in Spain.

Twitch and TikTok also managed to position themselves as one of the fastest growing networks in 2021, according to the Iab Spain report.

Voxnest study

The short video network (TikTok) is the one with the most notable growth, ranking 9th, with Twitch growth of 6% compared to the previous year in terms of monthly usage.

These new formats seem to be taking control of traditional networks

“Even before the pandemic, they had been gaining strength, but without a doubt it has been the global health emergency and its restrictions on mobility and telework that have triggered the demand and, with it, the boom in live broadcasts of events of public interest”, says Leandro Lamor, general delegate of the EFE Agency in Catalonia.

Alongside these ideas, Candela Ollé, director of the master’s in Journalism at UOC states that: “the data show this increase in the use of TikTok during the months of confinement and the explosion and consolidation of Twitch and podcasts. These are three emerging formats that are trending and have the potential to communicate with the public and target audiences that have not yet been achieved”.

Today’s stories have helped to popularise these formats

The event in Minneapolis that globalized the Black Lives Matter movement or the attempt to attack the Capitol by Trump’s followers was the key. “Those images, captured by thousands of mobile phones, were disseminated through the networks through these new platforms, which have found audiences eager to consume live information, narrated live, and which have become new windows of social reality”, Lamor explains.

More informative achievements through social media

Thanks to Twitch, Ibai Llanos surpassed conventional television at Christmas by broadcasting the New Year’s Eve Chime, with more than half a million viewers. Journalist Emilio Doménech, Nanísimo on social networks, monitored the US elections through the platform – in which he has more than 16,000 followers – which became an informative reference for many young people. “Twitch is a predominant space for gamers, but it is also consolidating itself as a journalistic tool,” says Ollé.

Recently, La Volta a Catalunya became the first major cycling tour in Spain to have an official channel on Twitch, in addition to launching an official podcast to search for the youngest audiences. This is a phenomenon that is attracting a growing number of young people. More specifically, six out of 10 youth aged 18 to 24 listen to a podcast. “These audiences are characterized by consuming information on mobile phones and their penchant for short publications, with data and languages that are easy to understand,” says Lamor. For Ollé, “podcasting has a lot of potential, thanks to its variety of focus and content specialisations”.

How many of us remember, say, Periscope?

We will see how successful these formats will be in the future. How many of us remember, say, Periscope? “These platforms have come to stay, because the post-pandemic world will be more digital than the previous one and the media cannot ignore it,” warns Lamor, who adds: “If the media want to enter that segment (Twitch, TikTok and podcasting), they will fail if they replicate their current formats on these new platforms. Renewal and adaptation to new information channels is required.

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