Why TikTok is about to set the tone for the future of entertainment

Why TikTok is about to set the tone for the future of entertainment 1576 876 cREM

For many people TikTok was the necessary dose of escapism during the pandemic, and more recently it has become their unique place for activism, to discover new music, and keep it up with all their trends.

Along with short videos of a hamster playing the piano, very good recipes in 15 seconds or choreographies, there is content of vindication, social movements and awareness of the events of the present.

TikTok, a window to world trends

An example is the demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Another, thousands of analytics videos about climate change.

The user is interested in having fun consuming content to disconnect from their day to day, but TikTok is also a space for information and activism very close to traditional documentaries or opinion articles. But in a different format.

The micro-entertainment TikTok offers is ideal to see what’s going on around the world. This is an international window into exactly where you are. The couch in your house, the parking lot where you park your car or the office in your office. This is an expression of what people feel. At best, a TikTok video will give you a glimpse into somebody’s essence and, collectively, our collective essence.

As Shira Ovide explains in the On Tech newsletter (a guide to how technology is reshaping our lives and the world), TikTok makes viewing easier for the user because it knows what to teach them.


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No need to search or know who to look at. If you are on TikTok to discuss policy, you will find irreverent political jokes and no traditional television conventions. Hollywood productions are non-existent. Be it funny or solemn, everything is custom-made for the TikTok id.

Netflix, YouTube, and most other Internet video services incorporated existing business behaviours into new distribution models. TikTok broke with it all and came up with a new pattern. Not for those who are nostalgic about cable, but for those who have never been on television. And it has come to stay.

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